Rabbi Nadel

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Restoring the SanhedrinPart I – Semichah: The Chain of Tradition MK Betzalel Smotrich's recent remarks and Prime Minster Netanyahu's response have stirred controversy, sparked debate, and created...

 Bikkurim: An Exercise in Loving the LandThe mitzvah of Bikkurim is accompanied by a unique verbal declaration. The Jewish farmer, offering his ‘First Fruits,’ begins with an historical account o...

 Eurovision & Chillul ShabbatThe State of Israel had the distinct honor of hosting this year's Eurovision, the annual international song competition which features artists from across Europe....

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3 Chidushim
20 Scores
שם: Rabbi Nadel
Rebbi in Mevaseret
תאריך הרשמה: 5/22/2019