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Our Heroes

Written by Shmuel, 8/10/2018

 Mishlei   17/3

Ve’ish lefi mahalelo

Of the many things that come to mind when we think of a hero, we imagine strength courage and extreme uniqueness. We also picture acts of tremendous bravery in the face of grave danger. We applaud the heroes outstanding actions and admire him an a most profound way. On an individual level we all have our heroes, as well on a national level every religion race and country has its respective heroes.

What makes a hero stand out from the rest of his contemporaries is the super actions that he performs. For untapped potential is as good as nonexistent.

The two necessary components in the formation of a hero is, 1) circumstance, and 2) choice.

Many people do have the power and capability to save a child from a burning building, but for reasons known only in heaven this predicament is not presented to them. These people are being deprived by circumstance.

Though, even when the majority of people do find themselves in dire straits they fail to act with utmost bravery, hence only the few emerge as heroes.

We all dream that we merit performing as our hero did, and even if we acknowledge that we don’t possess the necessary courage that he did, we strive to get there. We tend to emulate and admire our heroes in  every possible way. It can be said that ones inner essence is revealed, by studding his heroes.

On January 15, 2009. Many people around the world admired and simultaneously wished they could perform as 57-year-old Captain  Chesley B. Sullenberger did. Miraculously  landing his malfunctioning airliner in the freezing Hudson River, thereby preventing a terrible disaster.  All 155 occupants safely evacuated the airliner, which was still virtually intact though partially submerged and slowly sinking, and were quickly rescued by nearby ferries and other watercraft. The incident became known as the "Miracle on the Hudson".

 Even Under tremendous pressure to land the plane safely, Capt. Sullenberger, didn’t fail to guide his passengers through the crisis, announcing calmly over the microphone ‘’brace for impact’’, with that he succeeded in preparing them for what was coming.


Captain sullenberger was later awarded the Master's Medal of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. The award citation read, "This emergency ditching and evacuation, with the loss of no lives, is a heroic and unique aviation achievement. It was described by NTSB board member Kitty Higgins as "the most successful ditching in aviation history.’’

There are two other heroes that I would like to mention. One is Roi klien and the other is Abdelrahman Shaludi. Both are hailed as national heroes. They acted with ultimate fearlessness and strength, giving up their lives for their cause. The epidamy of strength and bravery is portrayed when one gives up his life for the sake of a higher ideal.

In the summer of 2006, Israel was engaged in a fierce skirmish with the notorious terror organization Hezbollah. Sparked by a surprise kidnapping on the northern border Israel was forced to deploy ground troops in order to return the calm to the north. As a commander in the IDF, Roi found himself deep in enemy territory fighting Hezbollah terrorists. During a fierce gun battle in a heavily populated area, a grenade was tossed at Roi and his fellow soldiers, landing at close range to the group. Time froze as the young boys realized what was about to happen. Unexpected, Roi suddenly jumped on top of the grenade declaring out loud with his last breadth ‘’Shema yisroel’’…….Roi  absorbed most of the impact thereby saving the lives of his friends.  Sadly Roi passed away, leaving behind him a young widow and a 2 year old child.


  In defying the laws of human nature, for survival, Roi gave his life to save others.  He could have jumped away or duck and hope for the best, but he chose to act, to act with bravery and courage in order to save the lives of others. For him it was worth giving up his own life so others can live. May his memory be blessed.

Let’s take a look at the other hero that we previously mentioned Abdel rahman Shaludi.

 On October 22, Abdel Raham a resident from the Silwan neighborhood in east Jerusalem was driving down a Jerusalem parkway when he steered his vehicle Into a pedestrian crosswalk. Not being satisfied with that, he continued mowing down any human being that was to be found on the pavement.

That night, a young bereaved couple found themselves burying their three month old baby girl. One minute the young mother is pushing the joy of her life in her stroller, the next….she finds herself standing at the foot of an open grave. Along with her precious child she is burying   dreams and hopes. Parting from her dear little one was no easy feat, especially after waiting for a child for some years.

 The couple is now left to mourn their past happiness, to dream of what would have been had she still been here. To live life   thinking, what if ?......where would we have celebrated her birthday? Where would she have sat at the dinner table?

 Now she is gone.

Her crime being, she was Jewish and went strolling down a street in Jerusalem.

Not to exaggerate in any way, I will quote Mr. Mushir al Masari, a senior Hamas spokesperson.’’ The attack in Jerusalem is an act of heroism’’. That was the official statement that was released in addressing   the brutal terror attack. Not embarrassed nor feeling any sense of guilt at the cold murder of an innocent three month old baby girl. Even more, he is calling the evil sub-animal who perpetrated this calamity a hero!

One doesn’t need more than the mind of  young child to differentiate between the different kinds of national heroes that we discussed.

 Some are hailed heroes for giving up their live for the sake of others. While others merit that title for taking the lives of infants.

Along with this, comes the realization and appreciation for those that admire genuine acts of righteous heroisms. As well, the scorn and cruelness of those that admire acts of extreme cruelty.

Alas, ones essence can be revealed by studying his heroes.

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