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There are No Last Chances (2 Comments to this Chiddush)

Written by mestuart, 11/10/2018

 After reading the Parshiot in the Torah over and over I can’t help but go crazy when the people/Jews do things wrong RIGHT after they were presented with a clear miracle. It happens all the time and I will never get it. 

In this week’s Parsha, the offspring of the SAME generation that was saved from the flood tried rebelling against HaShem. This was only 40 years after the flood! How is possible? The answer is unsettling, but the way humanity is. We are imperfect people who will do good and bad over and over and over again. Some of us, thank G-d, do more good and some, unfortunately, do more bad. But what allows us to be here today is HaShem’s endless love and hope for us. Can you imagine being in HaShem’s position; constantly giving another chance and another chance, eventually you’d want to give up, but Hashem doesn’t. That’s the crazy part! HaShem destroyed the world with the flood! This was our last chance and what do we do? It took a very short time to continue doing what we were doing, but we must remember that HaShem gives us endless amounts chances as long as we show Him that we care. 

“After our last chance, HaShem will ALWAYS give us another chance.”

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Discussions - Answers and Comments (2)
Shmuel (13/10/2018)
I must add, that you are absolutely right, when one cares and does Teshuvah there are no last chances- he can always return and Hashem will accept him.
Shmuel (12/10/2018)
Excellent point, very true.
But we must also keep in mind that a disaster which is foretold can come if we don't do Teshuvah. Chazal tell us that Noach was "Miktaney Emunah" he was small in faith so to speak. How can one who communicates directly with Hashem, and spent the last 120 years building a Taivah be small in faith?
R' Shimshon Pincus Z"L explains that Noach "didn't believe" that Hashem would actually carry out the decree, he thought that at the last moment, Hashem in his endless mercy would annul the decree. On the other hand in the story of Purim, Mordechai took the decree very serious because he aware of the danger of the decree actually taking place.