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Who You Are

Written by mestuart, 14/12/2018

There are multiples influences which can distract you from who you really are and reaching your capability. For example, when Yaakov saw that Yosef was alive the passuk says, “Yaakov was revived,” but Yaakov wasn’t dead? It means that was revived in terms of spirituality because he couldn’t concentrate when he was sad. In other words, person can’t tap into who they really are when distracted. 


HaShem appeared to Yaakov in a dream saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you going down to Egypt, you’ll be successful there, I’ll bring you back up, and Yosef will cover your eyes.” What does it mean Yosef will cover your eyes? It means that our environment distracts us. Yaakov was nervous going into Egypt because of the lack of spirituality. But HaShem tells Yaakov this to show that just as Yosef stayed strong, so will you. 


There will always be things distracting us in life and blurring our vision on who we really are. We have to push ourselves to see beyond the physical and only then will we get to know ourselves. Only once we start seeing within ourselves will we then start seeing HaShem in our lives- through the good and bad. It’s a perfect chain reaction. 

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