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Your Strength is Unique

Written by mestuart, 20/12/2018

Throughout the Torah, whatever the source, blessings are usually given to the mass. The forefathers are told by HaShem that they will be blessed with future generations and the land of Israel, despite whatever comes in the way. However, Yaakov made sure that this wasn't the case with his children. 

He spends the whole middle of the Parsha blessing his children with individual blessings, and eve mentions after all of them that they each got an individual blessing based on their strengths. 

This lesson is important for us to not only understand, but also embody. How often do we get upset when someone gets something else that we don't? Or are jealous of certain peoples capabilities? Too often, and that's because we forget how unique we are. 

HaShem has blessed every person with a unique strength and capability that another person can't deliver. And even when they could, it is never the same. The Zohar explains that a person cannot walk through a river the same way twice. Whether it's the water thats obviously different or the places the person places their foot, it can never be the same.

We must realize our strengths and let them shine in this world. HaShem gave us certain abilities that others don't have. It would be selfish to hide them. 

How are you going to let your strengths shine?

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