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Mishhak Hashabat - special game for the weekly parashah

Written by עמי, 14/2/2019

The CloseApp company, which specializes in the development of educational games, releases each week a special game for the weekly parashah, starting from Breishit. The games are 10-5 minutes in varying difficulty levels for primary school age. 

These special games are sent to many schools throughout Israel and the world, and each week thousands of players are able to enjoy this unique initiative. 
You are invited to join and share the games with other players. 
To enter the parashah games page click here: 
It is also possible to register to our mailing list so that you can receive each new game straight to your mail. 
Here you can have a tase of one of the last games, which concludes Sefer Bereishit (reorder the parashahs according to their correct order in the Chumash):

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