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Tefilla Before Drinking Wine on Purim


 Tefilla Before Drinking Wine on Purim
Rav arush
  • A person should say this Tefilla with Kavana and shouldn’t drink even one sip before saying this Tefilla
  • A person can only drink another cup if they are certain that this extra cup will help them spiritually
  • This Tefilla only helps for wine and not for any other alcoholic beverage

I connect myself, by drinking this wine on Purim, to all of the true Tzadikim throughout the generations. Specifically, I connect myself with Rebbe Nachman, Zechuso Yagein Aleinu.

לשם יחוד קודשא בריך הוא ושכינתיה, בדחילו ורמיחו ורחימו ודחילו, ליחדא שם הוי"ה ברוך הוא אות יו"ד באות ה"א באות וא"ו באות ה"א ביחודא שלים בשם כל ישראל.

I am prepared to do the will of Hashem to listen to the Rabbis who commanded us to drink wine on Purim, in order to merit to recognize Hashem and to know Him.

May it be Your Will Hashem, the G-d of our forefathers, that I will merit by drinking this wine to elevate myself and to connect myself with Tzadikim. Please give me the wisdom to know that everything that happens in life is for the best. Please allow me to recognize how low I am and to nullify myself before You. Please allow me to fix תיקון הברית והיסוד. 

Please save me from drinking that removes me from Hashem and causes me sadness. Please remove from me haughtiness and from feeling greater than anyone else. 

I should merit, by drinking this wine, to the deepest happiness and to be constantly happy. Please save me from sadness. I should awaken from my spiritual and physical slumber. Please don’t allow the wine to harm me in any way, both physically and spiritually. 

I should merit to remove, destroy, and wipe out the קליפה of עמלק and to bring down the קדושה of מרדכי and אסתר. The שמחה that I experience from this סעודה should last with me the entire year. 

ויהי נועם ה' אלקינו עלינו ומעשה ידינו כוננה עלינו ומעשה ידינו כוננהו (twice)

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