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‎פרשת ויחי- Questions and Answers

Written by Shai Rose, 8/1/2020

Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- How many years was Yaakov in Egypt for?
  • 17

2- What was Yaakovs one request to Yosef before he died?

  • to bury him in Israel alongside Avraham and Yitzchak

3- What was Yaakovs bracha to Ephraim and Menasheh?

  • they’ll each produce a tribe

4- How old was Yaakov when he passed away?

  • 147 years old 

5- I get that Yosef and the brothers mourned Yaakovs death, but how come the Egyptians did?

  • He was righteous 

  • Brought many brachos to the land 

6- Where was Yaakov buried?

  • Ma’aras Hamachpela

7- What are the brothers worried about when Yaakov dies?

  • Yosef will take revenge on them 

  •           - He assures them that’s not the case

8- How old was Yosef when he died?

  • 110 years old 

9- What was Yosef’s message to Klal Yisrael before he passed away?

  • "G‑d will surely remember you, and bring you up and out of this land to the land of which he swore to Avraham, toYitzchak, and to Yaakov."

10- What was Yosef’s request before he died?

  • His body be brought out of Egypt with them

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