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All we Need is Love

Written by mestuart, 18/10/2018

What makes this world so difficult to live in sometimes? We all essentially love life, but there’s always something or someone that makes us feel differently. 

The second Avram and Lot’s shepherds started fighting with one another, Arvam took initiative to resolve the situation. It resulted in brothers having to separate from another, but if it meant peace then it was worth it. 

The Parsha begins with HaShem telling Avrama that anyone who blesses him will be blessed and anyone who curses him will be cursed. Seemingly, HaShem treats a person the way they treat other people. 

Even though we *know* how destructive our words can be, how often do we speak without thinking what our words will do? We just *feel* the need to get this off our chest, but is that really worth the outcome? We know this world needs to be filled with love and it’s up to each and everyone of us, individually, to make that difference. 

What are you doing to stop the world from hating and instead fill it with love?

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