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How You See It

Written by mestuart, 25/10/2018

How often after something happens do we immediately give HaShem credit for it and not only think, but know, that HaShem does everything in our best interest?

I'm sure at first it didn't feel good that Avraham and Sarah sent her aimlessly in the desert with her son, Yishmael, but little did she know that she'd learn so much from that situation. 

Hagar only knew that she was special and worth something after the angel came to her in the desert. All other times she heard an angel she assumed it was because she was near Avraham and Sarah, but now she realizes that it's her that's special. 

Let's take it one step forward. Hagar was waterless in the desert without knowing where she was going to get more from. The Passuk says that HaShem opened up Hagar's eyes and she then perceived a well. Why does it saw that she perceived it and not that she saw it? I believe that when a person truly wants to see something, they will. Also meaning, when someone truly wants something, they end up accomplishing whatever it was they wanted. 

What is something you truly want that HaShem will open up your eyes to perceive?   

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