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 1) For a light, first degree burn that affects a larger part of the body, and causes pain to the point that the patient needs to lie down, a Jew may apply medicine or ointment to the affected area, as long as it is dabbed on and not smeared.

 2) In this case, an Aino Yehudi may be asked to smear the medicine or ointment over the affected area, as being that it is affecting a larger part of the body, we deem the patient a Choleh She'ain Bo Sakana, and thus even biblical melachos may be requested of an Aino Yehudi. (See Mishna Berura Siman 328 S"K 121)

The Halachos are based on my personal understanding of the Halachic texts quoted, and are for learning purposes only, NOT for Psak Halacha.If you have questions or require further source information, please email Ben@HalachaForToday.com and I will try to respond as soon as I can. For a Halacha L’Ma’aseh Psak, please contact your local Orthodox Rabbi.

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