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Know Your Strengths

Written by mestuart, 23/11/2018

Finding our strengths in life is a difficult enough task as it is, but to put them into practice is a whole other ballgame. 


In this week's Parsha, Shimon and Levi lied to the people of Shichem, and killed them. Not only did they kill them, but they also took all their possessions, animals, wealth, etc. and left. Yaakov was very upset with what they did and questioned them, but they responded firmly believing what they did was right. 


We can debate on whether or not what they did was right, but one thing that isn't up for debate is that they believed in something, were passionate about it, and put it into practice. Yes, they were violent and acted upon that in a destructive way, but they acknowledged that it was a strength of theirs. I’m not saying to go wipe out a city when you feel like you have a reason to, but it’s important realize that they knew their strengths, were passionate about it, and put it into play. There is so much we can learn from them.


We need to get to know ourselves well enough to figure out what our strengths are; only then can we create a passion, which will lead us to our greatest success. The greatest challenge will be to gear it in a positive and healthy way. 

What is a strength of yours that you can put into practice and positively affect the world around you?

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