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You're Never Alone

Written by mestuart, 23/11/2018

The feeling of loneliness, unfortunately, fills so many of us way too often. How do we react when were in that state of loneliness? 

In this weeks Parsha, we see what happens to Yaakov when hes alone. The Passuk mentions that Yaakov was alone when retrieving the small jars that he forgot and is then attacked by an angel. It doesnt explicitly connect Yaakov being alone to being attacked, but when I read it an idea popped into my head.

What does the angel represent? The Yezter Harah. And theres nothing the Yezter Harah likes more than an opportunity to attack. When alone, the Yezter Harah views us as the enemy fighting with no weapon to defend themselves. 

We were created with a natural weapon- HaShem. And because of Him, we are NEVER alone. I know it doesnt always feel this way, but thats simply because we havent solidified the relationship that exists. Once we do that, we will realize that we can never ever be alone and that HaShem is there fighting every battle with us. 

Next time you feel alone or that youre being beaten by the Yezter Harah and about to do something that you dont really want, just realize HaShem is fighting the battle with you! He loves you and wants you to win.

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