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Written by shauli , 4/1/2019


 I am in my second year of yeshiva and in one of the areas I am looking to grow in is chessed. This Gemara gave me a lot of chizuk to not only seek out chessed opportunities in Israel but also for the rest of my life.There is a very interesting Gemara in masechet sukka on Daf מט Amud Aleph. The Gemara says that גמולות חסדים  is better than tzadaka in three ways.1. Tzedaka is only done with money while chesed is done with the guf and with money.2. Tzedaka is only done to help poor people while chessed can help anyone.3.Tzedaka is only done for living people while chesed is down for the living and the dead. This was very interesting and I wish everyone the ability to excel in Torah and mitzvos.

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