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Jealousy is The Root of All Evil

Written by mestuart, 9/1/2019

As we all know, the new Pharaoh hated the Jews. Whether it was the same Pharaoh who grew a hatred towards the Jews or a new Pharaoh, we know that now Pharaoh hated us. The Torah specifically says that Pharaoh didn’t know Yosef, but is that really true? Yosef was a famous ruler, surely he was known? 

How often in life do we absolutely love those who have more than us, seemingly are more talented, etc.? I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but there is some sort of stigma we feel towards those who have more than we do. I think what the Passuk meant when it said that "Pharaoh didn’t know Yosef" was that Pharaoh didn’t want to know Yosef. Why? Because he was jealous of him and didn’t want to accept the greatness in someone else. To create a bigger picture- Did the Egyptians really hate the Jews or did they hate how successful and flourishing they were? 

They say that money is the root of all evil, and I think so is jealousy. It undermines HaShem and the belief that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. We must work on ourselves to the point of loving others fortune and truly wanting what’s best for our family, friends, and others. 

Is there someone or something you feel a sense of jealousy towards and wish that was you? Spend time over Shabbas developing a positive feeling towards that thing or person and rid of the feeling of jealousy. 

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