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Parsahs Behaloscha- God vs. the Jewish Wish

Written by Shai Rose, 17/6/2019

In this weeks parsha, the Jews got mad and even blamed God for taking them out of Egypt. They said it was so much better for them there. God answered them in the following fashion:

֨ ֜ ֣ ֘ ֣ ֒ ֡ ֩ ֨ ֜ ֗ ֤ ֨֙ ֔ ֥ ֖ ֑ ֨ ֧ ֛ ֖ : ֣ ֥ ֛ ֖ ֣ ֑ ֣ | ֣ ֗ ֙ ֣ ֔ ֖ ֥ : ֣ | ֣ ֗ ֤ ֙ ֔ ֥ ֖ ֑ ֗ ֤ ֙ ֣ ֔ ֤ ֙ ֔ ֥ ֖ ֥ : (Perek 11 Pasukim 18-20). 

To summarize the quote briefly, Hakadosh Baruch Hu tells Moshe to tell the Jews that they're going to get meat for an entire month. They're going to have so much meat it's going to be so nauseating to them and they're going to regret complaining and saying they want to be back in the land of Egypt. Additionally, Moshe Rabeinu expressed some skepticism regarding this complaint. This doubt seems very implausible and seems very sinful. How could Moshe Rebeinu, our leader, doubt the hand of God? The Ramban tries to explain God's behavior. Moshe obviously knew that God performs miracles, either to show his compassion for the Jewish people or to inflict quick punishment upon the wicked. Consequently, Moshe was sure that the month-long supply of meat would be given by natural means. That this was indeed Gods intention as indicated by Gods use of the word ֥, will come to pass (Pasuk 23), which comes from the word keri,

coincidence. Therefore, Moshe questioned how so much meat could be provided in a wasteland without a miracle. God responded that it would indeed be natural, and that even a seeming "impossible" event is not beyond Gods means. Rav Bachya notes the juxtaposition of the installation of the Sanhedrin with the announcement about the meat. Just as Moshes' spirit could suffice to elevate all 70 men to greatness without impinging on himself, so to God could provide meat without straining the worlds resources.   


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