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Written by Shmuel, 24/6/2019


So there I was, changing my daughter out of her pajamas and trying to fit her with a nice, clean stretchy. As I maneuvered her tiny hands out of their sleeves, I encountered tough resistance. Surprisingly, not just her hands were challenging, but her feet were a whole new dimension of difficulty ‘’Why is it so hard to change a nine month old little girl ’’ I wondered? Out loud, as the little girl rolled and wobbled, resisting me at all costs.


 With my frustration mounting, I suddenly found myself   rationalizing with my nine month Old. in the calmest voice I could muster I started.

‘’Look sweetie, daddy really loves you. I am not changing you because I don’t like you: on the contrary I am only taking care of you because I love you so much and I want you to be properly taken care of. So please help me help you. Make life easier for daddy, because all I am doing is really for you.                                                     Not just that, Darling, even if you resist me and roll  around, its not going to stop me. I am still getting this clean stretchy on you, because I know it’s what you need, and I want to take the best care of you that I possibly can.   Honey, you can either take it with a smile and cooperate or you can whine your way through; the choice is yours.’’ 

  Although the talk didn’t seem to work, I was sure I won that argument,” I mean, it’s for her own good that I was dressing her and I will always do what’s good for her, even if she complains.  So why not take it with a smile?[E1] 



As my own day  progressed things weren’t working out the way I wanted them to.   First, getting stuck in traffic delayed me significantly from being on time to my set appointments. Then, as I was trying to get things done I realized   not much was being accomplished, and the day was just slipping through my fingers. Feeling overwhelmed I sat down for a moment to ease my frustration.

Then it hit me, like a bolt of lightning. ‘’Doesn’t G-D control everything?’’ I asked myself, ‘’doesn’t He love me?  Isn’t he aware of what is good for me? And if He is all powerful and loves me, wouldn’t He only do what is best for me?’’

Since He knows what’s best for me and what I need, He is going to do it either way, whether I resist him or not. So, I might as well take it with a smile and thank Him for His loving kindness. 


My frustration was replaced with a feeling of humility and appreciation. My heart filled with warmth and love as it dawned on me that I am G-d’s small, precious child whom He loves and takes care of. He’s guiding me in the direction of my true good, and even if it seems challenging, I know it’s with love and care, and for my own benefit.

He loves us and we always need to remember that! 

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