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‎פרשת שמות- Questions and Answers

Written by Shai Rose, 12/1/2020

Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- What is Pharoah worried about?

  • He’s worries that there are too many Jews and that they’re getting too powerful 

2- What does he decide to do with Jews? 

  • He decided to make them slaves 

3- What type of labor were they given?

  • The Jews worked in the fields, they shlepped bricks, and they built cities 

4- What were the names of the two Jewish midwives?

  • Shifrah and Puah

5- What did Pharoah tell the midwives?

  • when a Jew gives birth and it’s a boy, kill him 

6- Why did Pharoah want them to kill all the baby boys?

  • He knew the next leader of the Jews would be a boy

7- Did the midwives listen?

  • No

8- When Pharoah found out that they weren’t listening, what was his new decree?

  • Throw all the baby boys into the Nile River

9- Who was Yocheved?

  • Moshe’s mother

10- AT FIRST, what does she do with her baby boy to prevent him from getting killed?

  • She hid him in her house

11- When she gets scared that the Egyptians will find him, what does she do with him?

  • She made a waterproof cradle and hides it near the edge of the river

12- Who finds him?

  • Pharoahs daughter

13- Why is she by the river? A little random

  • She went down to bathe

14- What does she do with the baby?

  • She keeps the baby and raises him as her own

15- What does she name him?

  • Moshe

16- As Moshe was growing up, what really bothered him?

  • The pain and hardships the Jews were going through 

17- What did he do when he saw an Egyptian beating up a Jew

  • He killed the Egyptian 

18- Where does he run off to?

  • Midian

19- Who does he end up marrying?

  • Tsipporah, daughter of Yitro 

20- What job does Moshe have?

  • He’s a Shepard for his father-in-law 

21- What does Moshe find when he runs after the sheep?

  • A burning bush 

22- What’s unique about this bush?

  • It’s on fire, but not burning 

23- What does God tell Moshe at the bush?

  • He told him to go back to Egypt and take the Jews out of Egypt 

24- What's Moshe thinking?

  • How can I be a messenger to God? And what if they don’t listen to me?

25- What were the three signs God gave Moshe?

  • #1- Stick tuned into a snake 

  • #2- When he put his hand in his jacket, it turned into all scaly 

  • #3- The Nile River will turn into blood

26- When Moshe explains how he has a stutter, why does God do?

  • He makes Aharon his spokesperson 

27- What is Pharaoh's response when Moshe comes to him about letting the Jews go?

  • He gets mad at Moshe and tells him to stop interrupt the people from their work

28- What did Pharaoh do as a result of Moshe approaching him?

  • He made the work harder for the Jews

29- What did Moshe complain to HaShem about?

  • He cried out asking how he can do this to them. The work got harder ever since he approached Pharoah 

30- To end the parsha, what does God promise Moshe?

  • He promised Moshe that he really will save the Jews


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