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פרשת וארא- Questions and Answers

Written by Shai Rose, 19/1/2020

Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- What does God promise Moshe after he complained about the hardships?

  • He promises him that he will indeed save the Jews

2- What must Moshe do in order for the Jews to be saved?

  • He must confront Pharaoh and command him to let the Jews go 

3- What did God warn Moshe will happen with the meeting with Pharaoh?

  • He warned him that Pharoah will not budge, and that God will harden Pharaoh's heart

4- What magic trick does Aharon pull off after Pharoah doesn’t budge?

  • He turns his stick into a snake

5- Does Pharaoh budge this time?

  • No way Jose

6- The next time they went to Pharoah, what did God tell Moshe to tell Pharaoh if he doesn’t let the Jews go?

  • He’ll turn the Nile into blood

7- Does Pharaoh budge?

  • No no no, I will not let your people go

8- What were the 7 plagues in this week's parsha (in order)?

  • 1- Nile turned into blood

  • 2- Frogs invaded the land 

  • 3- Itchy lice

  • 4- Massive, intense animals invade the land

  • 5- The Egyptian animals got sick and died

  • 6- Painful boils

  • 7- Hail

9- What does Pharaoh tell Moshe in order to get him to stop the plagues?

  • If you stop the plagues, I’ll let your people go

10- Does Pharaoh follow through with his promise?

  • Absolutely not 

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