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פרשת משפטים- Questions and Answers

Written by Shai Rose, 13/2/2020

 Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- How many Mitzvos are listed in this weeks parsha?

(Hint: 52+1)

  • 53 Mitzvos

2- Servants:

  • 2a- How does one become a servant?

    • He steals and can’t afford to pay it back- the court sells him in order to pay it

  • 2b- How must one treat his slave on a deoraisa level?

    • The Torah says explicitly that one must treat his slaves as if he/she were part of the household 

      • Same food, clean bed, etc.

  • 2c- How about the servants wife and children?

    • The master must give the servants family the same necessities 

  • 2d- How long is one a servant for?

    • 6 years

3- Crimes Against Others:

  • 3a- What’s the punishment for murder, kidnapping, and hitting or cursings one parents?

    • The death penalty

  • 3b- Additionally, what must one do if he causes damages; such as the medical bills, his pain, etc.?

    • The money he would have made from work that he missed, and any embarrassment the injury causes him.

  • 3c- What’s the name of the city someone goes if he accidentally killed somebody?

    • Ir Miklat 

      • He’s executed/killed there

4- Misbehaving Animals:

  • 4a- If an owners’ cattle or animal runs off and kills somebody, is the owner responsible?

    • No, unless this has happened before, in which the owner should’ve been more aware

  • 4b- If somebody digs a pit, forgets to fill it in, and an animal falls in and dies, what’s the din?

    • The person who made the pit is responsible, and must pay the full amount of the animal

5- Taking Care of Someone Else’s Stuff:

  • 5a- What must one do if he has possession of something that belongs to a peer, and it get’s ruined or destroyed?

    • He must pay for it (depending on the guardian)

  • 5b- What are the different types of guardians?

    • An unpaid guardian- he’s just doing a favor, so he’s not responsible for anything

    • A paid guardian- If it gets lost or stolen, he is responsible, however, if it gets stolen via armed robbery, he’s not liable

    • A borrower- He’s liable regardless of what happens, unless the owner is with him at the time of the incident

6- Different Ways We Must Be Nice:

  • 6a- The Torah commands up to be extra nice to which type of people?

    • Widows, strangers, orphans

  • 6b- When a Jew lends something out, what must he be careful NOT to do?

    • Charge interest

  • 6c- What’s the special din regarding collateral?

    • If you did in fact take collateral, you must give it back to him before the day is over, just in case he needs it at night

  • 6d- When may a newly-born animal be brought as a karbon?

    • When it’s 8 days old

7- Laws for Courts and Judging:

  • 7a- What is the 9th commandment in the Aseret Hadibrot?

    • Don’t testify falsely against a friend 

      • What if it’s a poor person?

        • You still must be honest and truthful, no matter how bad you feel for the guy

8- Shemitah and the Holidays:

  • 8a- What may you do the first 6 years of the cycle?

    • You may prepare the land, plant seeds, take care of the plants, and harvest the fruits and vegetables.

  • 8b- How about the seventh year?

    • You can’t do any work on the land

  • 8c- Where else do we see that you work for six days and rest on the 7th?

    • Shabbos

  • 8d- What are the Shalosh Regalim?

    • Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkos 

9- Meat and Milk:

  • 9a- What’s the last mitzvah given in this weeks parsha?

    • The separation of meat and milk

10- To conclude this weeks parsha, what does God promise Klal Yisroel?

  • Eretz Yisrael

11- How long is Moshe on Har Sinai for?

  • 40 days and 40 nights

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