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It Stems from your Eyes

Written by mestuart, 1/11/2018

The words “good” and “bad” are throw around in today’s society very freely. The problem is that everyone has their own definition so how do we know what is really good and what is really bad? 

When asking to take Rivka, who some say was 3 years old at the time, Lavan and Besuel answer Eliezer, “The matter stemmed from HaShem! We can’t say good or bad.” Meaning, because of the amazing story that took place with Eliezer finding Rivka, it was so evident to them that it was meant to be from HaShem; whether or not they felt that that way. That’s what led them to say neither good or bad - they realized it was all from HaShem.

Now we know that HaShem represents ultimate kindness and is constantly giving, yet we still define things as good or bad. I don’t mean to say that nothing is good and nothing is bad, rather the way we feel stems from the way perceive things. If we saw the bigger picture maybe we’d feel differently. We should take away from this story that everything that happens in life is from HaShem and we know that He is ultimately kind. 

What in your life can initially perceive as bad, but change it to good it to good with a fixed mindset?

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