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What's Inside Matters

Written by mestuart, 8/11/2018

There are 3 instances in the Parsha that represent a struggle we all deal with everyday. How often do we feel like we’re something is wrong; something that we can’t pin-point, but feel as if something is off? 

I believe Yaakov and Esav, while in the womb, describe our feelings perfectly. So many times we feel a wanting to do the right thing and then at some other point in time, even soon after, do we want to do something that we know is wrong. We are born and created with a fight between the Yetzer Tov and Yezter Harah. 

After a number of wins for the Yetzer Harah, we start to feel like a well. What does that even mean? Yitzchak goes through a period of time where he goes to uncover wells. He uncovers one, but its taken, goes to another, but thats take, as well. A well is spring of water covered up by dirt. When we allow our Yezter Harah to win, we cover ourselves with dirt and forget about the water and life force we have deep inside of us. 

When Yitzchak says, “You have the voice of Yaakov, but skin of Eisav” he’s teaching us that there is a natural and humane division within ourselves, and our mission is to make them one. We need to reflect the beautiful life that we have inside of us to the outside world with the help of our body. 

We are inherently good and beautiful. When feeling down and not good enough, instead of feeling a need to do more, just take of the layers of dirt that are hiding your true self.

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