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How to Love with A Full Heart (1 Comments to this Chiddush)

Written by mestuart, 15/11/2018

Love wins every battle. What do I mean? 


When you truly love someone, you can disagree with their actions and choices, but that doesn’t result in not loving them anymore. Nowadays, whenever there’s a disagreement about something, it always causes tension. Why? Because real love is difficult to find. 


Rachel allowed her sister to marry the man she loved. Not only that, the night they got married Rachel hid under the bed and spoke in place of her sister so that Yaakov wouldn’t know it was Leah. I’m safely assuming Rachel did not like what was going on, nevertheless she did everything she could for her sister, Leah, because she loved her. She didn’t allow Leah’s choices and actions to affect the love she had for her. 


I believe we live in a generation which lacks love for our own selves, and we can't give that which we don't have. Only once we really love ourselves can we love others, which would allow us to love from a deeper place. 


We should learn from Leah how to truly love.  

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Rabbi Rudman (17/11/2018)
Amazing, thanks for sharing.