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Written by Jacob3099, 21/1/2019

 In this weeks parsha we see a very big pattern accrue so Hashem brings a plague then pharaoh asks for mercy then Moshe goes to daven to Hashem to remove the plague and he does. This sequence repeats itself time and time again almost after every plague. So why does this sequence always happen ?!?

Rav yerchem levovitz the games mirrer mashgiach derives a very pasig lesson from this repetition. That there is only ONE way to get something in this world. And thats through teffilah. 

now a days when a gadol is sick (or rlly anyone ppl know)... Yeshivos will interrupt a seder to recite tehillim for a speedy recovery. Every morning we say birkas hatorah that lists many mitzvos for which we revive a reward in olam hazeh but the main reward is reserved for olam haba. One of those mitzvos is iyun teffilah. Nevertheless it ends off with saying Talmud torah kneged kulam ( torah is equivalent to all of them ). Youd think then that if a person is sick or needs parnassah or has any pressing need his best bet would be to study torah. 

Rav shimshon pincus actually asked this question. Why do we stop learning to daven for a sick person ?

What we learn from this says Rav yeruchem is that although torah is indeed the greatest mitzvah and it carries the greatest reward. But when we need something in this world there is only one way to get it. TEFILLAH!!

An example of this is when Moshe rabbeinu saw the Jews worshiping the cheit haagel did he just sit down to study torah do to teshuvah for them ?!?!  NO he rushed to Hashem to nullify whatever Hashem has decreed upon them. Moshe didnt run to the bies midrash to learn he ran to daven because that is what brings results in this world !!!!

We could learn an amazing lesson from how Moshe acted when he saw the Jews sinning. when something bad happens to us in our lives most ppl would first think of why me. I hate my life. just bad luck THATS NOT HOW WE SHOULD BE REACTING TO THIS STUFF learn from Moshe. The first thing we should do run to Hashem run as fast as you can and ask him why did this happen to me ?!? Why did I deserve this?!.... the problem is most ppl dont even think about this. all you have to do is start looking to Hashem and davening thats how we start to get answers in our life knee syta deshmaya  story(when I got upstairs I went to go read aggeres harban and I learnt this ֣ ֭ ֑ ֥ ֝֗ ֣
Every arrogant  person is an abomination to the Hashem;  certainly, he will not go unpunished.) malbim explains that this means Hashem is patient with transgressors he punishes the arrogant immediately and directly hand to hand!! I was being arrogant. And Hashem showed me that!!! because the first thing I thought of was this happened for a reason and I davened that I should find out why all you have to do is start talking to Hashem start davening then bezrat Hashem you will see you life start to turn around.

One last example of this is a story about Rav Moshe Feinstein he found out one of his grandchildren got sick and was being sent to the hospital so Rav Moshe closed his gemara and took out a tehillim and began to daven Rav Moshe headed straight for his tehillim rather than learn Gemara he knew that tefillah works through a cause and effect. if you need something in this world you have to daven for it. 
This is the answer to Rav pincus question so why did we see the same sequence over and over and why did Moshe always run to Hashem?!?.... because he knew tefillah is the only way to get results in this world. We can learn this whole lesson from a pasuk in tehillim which says
 ֤ ֨ ֮ ֪ ֥֫
Cast your burden on the LORD and He will sustain you

now is the time to start opening up and to start running to Hashem. Take your chance now and dont turn around dont run in a circle. Run straight only going up. What are you waiting for ?!?.... Shabbat Shalom.

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