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Words of Torah while changing child’s diaper or in bath

Written by din, 8/7/2019


  1. My toddler like to talk about Parsha and sing songs of Torah and pesukim. I assume that I cannot sings/talk to him about these things while changing his diaper if its dirty. Is that correct?
  2. What about saying things that are not directly Torah like: “The month is Tamuz” or “Yes, on Pesach we had a seder”?
  3. What about saying something like “Baruch Hashem!” while changing a dirty diaper?
  4. Do these halachos apply to only a dirty diaper, or anytime the child is undressed. What about in the bathtub?
  5. If my child is in the bathtub and asks me a question about the Parsha (ie “Who was Paroh?”) Should I make sure not to answer him? What if I am outside the room where the bathtub is? Thank you!


  1. You are right you cannot talk words of torah while changing your child’s diaper, since it is in the vicinity of dirty things.
  2. The words the month of Tamuz or we had the seder are Jewish topics, but not words of torah, so both of them are permitted.
  3. You shouldn’t say boruch H-shem when changing his diaper, since you are making a reference to H-shem.
  4. When the child is undressed it is technically permitted, however numerous poskim say that it isn’t a correct thing to do. You can turn around so that you aren’t facing the child and then say the bracha, etc.
  5. You should not Discuss the Parsha with your child when he is the bath, even if you are outside the bathroom, because we are not allowed to think in learning when in the bathroom.

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