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Noachs Calling

Written by Shmuel, 31/10/2019


Noachs Calling

At the beginning of Parsha when discussing the kind of person Noach was, the Torah says Tzaddik Bedorosof meaning righteous in his generation. Rashi brings down two possibilities how to understand this interesting statement. 

The first  is to Noach credit, despite his generations extreme evil he still  managed to be Tzaddik.

 The second approach is more judgemental of him and puts Noachs greatness in comparison to his generation, but had he lived in the generation of Avraham Avinu he wouldn't have been considered such a great person.

According to the second approach Noach was no exceptional Tzaddik, yet he still went down in history as the man that cared for all of life during the long year of the mabul. He is the one that the Torah calls a Tzaddik.

 As well, he went down in history as the man that built the Teivah and preached to his generation for 120 years of the impending disaster if humanity won't correct its ways.

He is credited for restarting humanity as we know it today, and for bringing Korbanos after the Mabul which earned humanity a promise from Hashem, that the Mabul will never again be repeated.

Despite being what would be referred to as in other generation a simple man- Noach accomplished what many in other generations did not. Although in other generations others are considered greater and more outstanding then he was- in their own right- he still accomplished a task of cosmic significance.

What merit did he have?

Why did he merit all this?

 A story is told that the Chofetz Chaim once called  a close student of his into his personal study. Are you a Cohen inquired the Chofetz Chaim, no, replied the student. I am said the Chofetxz Chaim, do you know why, because at a certain point in history Moshe Rabbeinu came down from Har Sinai and said Mi Lashem Ailay whoever is to Hashem come join me. My great grandfather heard the call and stepped forward. Not only was he rewarded  but for all off eternity his offspring together with the entire Shevert levi (who stepped forward) are privileged. 

So too for us explained the Chofetz chaim, every person has a calling in his lifetime sometimes on a national level and sometimes on a personal level. When the call of   Mi Lashem Ailay is sounded the individual that steps forward rises up to heights that are not usually attainable.

 This can be on a national or individual personal level.

 The call doesn't usually repeat itself, its a one time opportunity.

Noach heard the call, in his generation the call meant being a leader and restarting humanity from scratch. Being righteous and honest amongst a flood of dishonesty and immorality. He answered the call and therefore he meritted greatness that many others did not.

We have to be attentive to the call.

If we look around we will notice that many successful people whether in spirituality or in the mundane answered a unique call of their time.

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