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Hashems love- Severe Makkos

Written by Shmuel, 30/1/2020


Standing at the gates of Mitzraim Chasing the Jewish people out is Pharo. Broken and destroyed, defeated and humiliated he begs Bnei Yisroel to get out as fast as possible- exactly as Hashem told Moshe it would take place. 

Pharos defeat was not sudden and didn't take a week or a even month. Rather it was a slow drawn out and painful demise over a period of 12 months; that utterly decimated him and his country leaving it in complete ruin. 

The only way to understand his illogical stubbornness along the whole way is Hashem's word to Moshe that “I will harden his heart”. In order for  Pharo to receive all the makos, Hashem had to harden his heart so that he shouldn't give up early on as any normal human would have done in a similar situation.

This punishment is very severe and  harsh, he was forced to stay on and suffer until the very end without the option of being able to pull out in the middle. Hashem removed his free will to the point that he could not do teshuvah and was first to swallow the entire pill until very the last drop, until he suffered every Makkah.

Pharo was transformed into the equivalent of  an addicted gambler that can’t stop, despite him realizing and watching his life fall apart in front of his eyes.

Why did Pharo merit such a harsh and severe punishment?

Why to such an extreme?

In Parshas Shemos Hashem tells Moshe Rabbeinu go tell Pharo to let Bnei Yisroel out of Mitzraim. The words the Pasuk uses is, “Beni Bechori  Yisroel” Kllal Yisroel is my first born son.

Moshe Rabbeinu was commanded by Hashem to let Pharo know the kind of relationship Hashem has with Bnei Yisroel. 

It's the relationship of a first born son. When Pharo tortured Bnei Yisroel he was torturing Hashems beloved “Ben Bechor”.

Aside from Hashem revealing himself to the entire world through the miraculous Makos,the Message was very clear to Pharo- you will be punished very severely for torturing my son, it was personal.

Pharo was being tortured because he started up with Hashem's precious child. This reveals Hashem's tremendous love for us, Kivyachol (so to speak) Hashem is telling us “I saw what Pharo did to you and therefore I lost it on him and let him have it all the way.

The extent of the Makos and Pharos punishment. reveal the tremendous love Hashem has for us, his children.

(Based on Rav Shimshon Pincus Z”L)

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