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Questions and answers פרשת בשלח

Written by Shai Rose, 8/2/2020

Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- What does Pharaoh regret and what does he attempt to do?

(Hint: FINALLY!!!)

  • He regrets letting the Jews go

  • He goes after them 

2- How do the Jews get trapped 

  • In front of them is the ים סוף

  • Behind them are the Egyptians

3- What does God tell Moshe to do?

  • He tells Moshe to take the stick and stretch it over the sea 

4- What miracle does God perform?

  • Splitting of the sea

5- What happens to the Egyptians?

  • As they try to cut through the sea, it closes on them and they all drown 

6- How do the Jews celebrate?

  • They start singing to God 

7- What’s the Jews #1 problem in the midbar (desert)? 

  • They don’t have food 

8- What does God do as a result and how does he send it?

  • He sends them food (mon)

  • It comes from the sky

9- How many portions does each Jew get a day (excluding Shabbos)?

  • 1 portion

10- On Shabbos how many portions?

  • 2 portions 

11- How do the Jews get water?

  • Moshe hits the rock 

12- Who attacks the Jews 

  • Amalek 

13- Who wins the battle?

  • The Jews

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