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פרשת תרומה- Questions and Answers

Written by Shai Rose, 26/2/2020

 Questions and answers for the Shabbos table:

1- What was the special “house” that God asked Moshe to build?

(Hint: it served as the beis Hamikdash in the desert)

  • The Mishkan

2- How was the Beis Hamikdash carried?

  • There were rings and poles that the Jews held to carry the mishkan throughout the Desert. 

3a- What were the two names of the sides of the Mishkan?

  • Kodesh

  • Kodesh Hakadashim

3b- What was in the Kodesh?

  • The Menorah

  • The Shulchan

  • A smaller מזבח where two offerings were brought daily 

3c- What was in the Kodesh Hakadashim?

  • The אהרן (ark)

  • The box that held the luchot

3d- Who was allowed in the Kodesh Hakadashim?

  • Kohen Gadol

3e- When did he enter?

  • Only on Yom Kippur

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