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Dvar torah shemos

Written by Jacob3099, 21/1/2019

 This week's parsha is parshas shemos we learn about the begging of moshe rabbeinu and the jewish nations suffering in mitzrayim you'd expect that in this week's parsha wed get a whole background of why Hashem picked moshe to be our leader but the truth is we are barely talk anything about moshe until he turned 80 and went back to mitzrayim so we know that moshe was going to be the one to take us out of mitzrayim but the question is why him? the alter of kelm gives a great answer to this question if we would look at 4 incidents that happen in this week's parsha that invloed moshe we will see a common denominator and we will understand why moshe was chosen to lead the klal yisroel

1.first pasuk is (2:11) Some time after that, when Moses had grown up, he went out to his kinsfolk and witnessed their labors. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his kinsmen meaning that when moshe grew up he went out to experience the suffering of his jewish brothers. Moshe would leave the luxury of pharaoh's palace each day and go empathize with klal yisroel.
2. Second pasuk  (2:12 ) He turned this way and that and, seeing no one about, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.... this pasuk states that moshe saw an egyptian hitting a jew and then moshe killed that egyptian by saying hashem divine name in other words moshes concern was not limited to the masses suffering at the hands of the egyptian nation he felt for each individual jew
3.  Third pasuk (2:13) When he went out the next day, he found two Hebrews fighting; so he said to the offender, Why do you strike your fellow?.... Moshe saw one jew about to hit another and he pretty much gave him musur this shows us that moshe wasn't just out to protect jews from the egyptians.. He was also ready to stand up for a jew even if the oppressor was just another jew  
4. Fourth pasuk  (2:17) but shepherds came and drove them off. Moses rose to their defense, and he watered their flock.... this shows us that moshe rabbenuis compassion spread even beyond the jewish nation because when he first got to midian he saved yisros daughters from attack

These four incidents during moshe first 80 years show that he has a quality that every jew should have but an leader of the jewish people MUST have in abundance.. Is the ability to share the burden of his fellow man to feel his pain to empathize with him when he's suffering.

When is saw this vort the first thing i thought of weas a story about my bubby one night in siberia  my bubbys dad saw a rav and his family out in the rain with  nowhere to go so he sanet my bubby to go bring them into there house they lived with 9 people in one bedroom for 2 years surviving on my bubbys moms paycheck. The rav was always so thankful there aren't even any words to say for someone who does something like this for you. after the war my bubby and her mom had nowhere to go when they got back after the war they took a train from russia to the last stop and were just waiting at the platform with nowhere to go it got dark and then 2 men came up to them and told them they were talmidim of the rav there father had saved all those years back they took them in and saved their lives . This is a story that proves that doing acts of chesed could really save your life just like moshe rabbeniu cared for every single person id my bubbys father. These are the traits of a true jewish leader we should all be blessed for hashem to give us more opportunities to do more acts of chesed just like these 

 Shabbat shalom 

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