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The most conducive environment for Brachos

Written by Shmuel, 11/11/2018


Despite Yackovs superior level in spirituality Yitschok  still wished to give the Brachos to Eisav. Rivkah who was aware of the true status of her children assisted Yackovn in outsmarting the nsituation so that he can get the Brachos.

The Drashos Haran asks the seemingly obvious question:  If at the end of the day Yackov got the Brachos why did it have to come in such a twisted manner? Hashem could have just as easily arranged tat Yitschok would have recognized Yackovs true level and offered him the Brachos frm the beginning.


There are many answers to this question, one of them is that this was the most suited and opperune time for Yackov to receive the Brachos. When one is in a state of feeling small and humble he is the most suited vessel to receive blessings.

We can try to imagine Yackov standing in front of Yitschok dressed in sheep skin impersonating his older brother who his father is more fond of;  and wants to give the Brachos  so that he and not his younger brother can carry them on for himself and his descendants. Feeling that he has to outsmart the situation because his father didn’t recognize his true level and instaed considered his older brother more worthy of the Brachos must have made Yackov feel very humble- this in turn created the most suitable environment for Yackov to effectively receive the Brachos.

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