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We Are Lions

Written by mestuart, 29/11/2018

There are two characters in this Parsha who portray two different ways of dealing with a situation, and they are both perfect in their own way. Yehuda was challenged by HaShem and fell badly, but instead of either lying or grieving over his mistake, he accepted and admitted to it, and grew from there. Yosef however, was harshly challenged over and over again, yet maintained faith through it all. 


Our lives are similar to Yosef’s in the sense that we are constantly challenged. Maybe not has harshly, but nevertheless, we are constantly going up to battle the Yezter Harah. We aim to be the best person we can be, to see HaShem in every area of life, and hold ourselves back from our earthly desires, but we ALL fall. None of us perfect and we know that. We’re like Yehuda- we make mistakes, and that’s okay! But what makes it okay isn’t making the mistake, its getting back up on our feet and not letting it knock us down. Accepting our mistake, admitting to it, and growing is what should happen after we fall. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a beauty in being so strong like Yosef, but when we fall, we must be like Yehuda and get up like a lion. 


We should all learn to accept that we’re human and we all make mistakes, but we can’t let that hold us back from what and who we’re capable of becoming.  

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