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HaShem Is The Ultimate Dealer

Written by mestuart, 29/11/2018

 “Life stinks!” we all think to ourselves at some point. Why? Because honestly, sometimes it’s just really really difficult. No one understood this better than Yosef; he had the definition of a difficult life. 


Yosef teaches us what it means to ‘play the cards you’re dealt’. He was hated by his brothers, placed in a pit, sold, accused, thrown in jail, etc. yet he never resented his brothers, Potiphar, pharaoh, and most importantly, HaShem. He understood that HaShem was the dealer from beginning to end. Despite his challenges, his constant faith in Hashem kept him going and positive that it will all work out in the end, and it did. He became head of Potiphar’s house, head of prison, and eventually pharaoh’s right hand man. 


Life isn’t easy. We will ALWAYS have ups and downs, but we can’t let the downs take over our minds. Yosef shows us us what it means to focus on the positive. That’s what it means to play the cards we’re dealt, and Yosef couldn’t have done that any better.  

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